Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome To The SEVAM1 Blog

Hello everyone and welcome. This Blog will be dedicated to basically to my personal interests and in particluar golf, the swings of Moe Norman and Ben Hogan and the clasic instruction and writing of people like Ernest Jones, Bobby Jones, Tommy Armour and many others. I will also be expounding on my own swing ideas, reviewing books, videos, equipment and golf gadgets as we go along and I will provide links to those items that I think would be worth picking up.

To get things started off right, here is a scan of one of my dog-earred copies of Ben Hogan's classic book. Five Lessons : The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

For any of you who know me from Youtube or the Forum on the Ben Hogan / Moe Norman Secret? thread you already know that I feel that this is the one indispensible golf swing text. I have read a great many books and have come to the conclusion that this book is the ultimate starting point in learning the golfswing. If you don't own it you should!! In fact you should own more than one copy. One to be kept on your bookshelf for posterity and one that you should freely annotate as you progress through your reading and practice sesions. I will do a broader review of this and other books written by or related to Ben Hogan very soon.

You can buy this book at or at your local bookstore.


Gerard said...

A great start to what will no doubt be an
interesting journey for all who love this game of golf.
Best of luck to you and my prayers go out to Seve and his family. Downtoscratch

bjoeylouie said...

I found your youtube videos very educational. Thanks for sharing.

An idea for your blog would be to write a series of posts to distill the 97 page forum post. I'm sure there is some great nuggets there, but I couldn't slug through the material.

Dariusz J. said...

Good luck in your project, Mike. Big hello from Poland !