Thursday, October 30, 2008

Found a Very Old SloMo From When I Hit It Good!!

A bunch of people were asking if there was old footage of me from the time I was playing my best before I quit in 1999. There isn't a whole lot of video of me from then, but here is something that I found from 1998. A little fuzzy but you can see the action. I'm hitting a driver. Torqued the snot out of the shaft back then. I hit it a fraction now of what I did then but I was strong and 40lbs. lighter and I practiced every day.



Timbleking said...

Dear Sevam, I have a question about this: I think that your club (and your arms basically) are going far inside during the backswing, and from the top, the arms and the clubs are following a trajectory which is heavily inside-outside, cutting the target line to the right. I guess you play a big draw.

Do you think this is technically correct and that anyone can build a very efficient swing with this? Because I am struggling with my swing for years, but I realized time ago that what you produce here, I very easily can reproduce it anytime with any club, even after trying something else for a while. Exactly as if it was natural.

Please let me know because this is very important to me. It could save my passion that is going downward because of all my swing problems. And if you have further comments to give with some other keys to realize and understand that swing, it would be welcome as well.

Sincerely yours,


SEVAM1 said...

Actually I hit a fade with that swing. Look at the guys I am playing with and look at me as I complete the swing. Do you see how high everyone's head is pointing as we watch the ball. That shot, hit from the inside, is a high cut shot.

The club comes from the inside yes, but it turns left and up almost immediately after contact with the ball. See how my arms climb to the sky before they wrap behind me at the finish.

If you aren't following it, check out the Golfwrx Thread on this.