Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MOE - The Early Pro

This is a picture of Moe in the late 1950's. You can find this photo in James Barclay's fantastic book Golf in Canada : A History which I would reccomend buying if you can find it. It is often available used for a reasonable price.
There are a few things to recognize and to notice about this photo. First the grip which is more like the grip he showed me in the mid 90's which I illustrate in the chapter on Playing With Moe that I wrote for my upcoming book. Moe's using the big tee that he was reprimanded for using on the PGATour. This picture was before he was confronted by a top pro which shattered Moe and caused him to leave the tour. Note that the stance width was much less dramatic also. He is also using the same wrap on rubber grips that he showed me the day we played together and that you will see still in use on the Callaway club in the Autographed picture below.

At the time the above photo Moe already had a reputation as an extraordinary ballstriker. He had won back to back Canadian Amateurs and had shown himself already of capable of going ridiculously low. In the 1956 Canadian Amateur he defended and could not be touched shooting 31 under par for the week. He had also already shot his first of 3 rounds of 59 at this time.


queuvo said...

very cool site. i look forward to some interesting golf reads. i have learned more about swing in the past 3 months, since you showed up on youtube with "the move". prior to this, i was just aping positions of the golf swing.

SEVAM1 said...

Thanks queuvo. Glad to have you here!

driver said...

Love the videos and the site. I have been trying to incorporate many of the things you talk about in your videos over the last year and I am much more consistent than I have ever been because my back swing is closer to my downswing plane. Am not there yet but getting close. I still have a tendancy to bow my left wrist too much coming down, getting closed and my body stuck. Any ideas why this may be happening? Also do you know if Hogans clubs sat open at address? It is a pleasure watching you swing. Thanks

timmlynch said...


Amazing depth on information and knowledge. I Want to know more about the early Moe. Pictures of his positions with your insight, if possible. I have devoted myself to learning Moe's swing but the wash of different views on his methods make it difficult not to feel I might be wasting time practicing the wrong things.
Please help
Thanks Tim