Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Secret In The Dirt e-book is Finally Finished -

Well the first incarnation of my book is done. We are going to have some fun marketing it in a bunch of quirky ways. You all know how bloody serious I am about everything.

It is called The Secret In The Dirt - The Search For The Move. I guess I fooled everyone who thought it would be called PreTorque Golf.

In a day or two I will be putting up a Website at It isn't ready yet, but like everything I do it will just start out small with some fun stuff to look at and read, a chance to sign up and receive a newsletter that I will be starting soon.

You will also be able to buy the book there.

In the mean time you can get it here. It is 20 bucks. I wrote it to tie together the Youtube videos and condense the general ideas I put forward at the forum. The Last Chapter about The Hogan Secret I think will be an eye opener for the Hogan junkies out there. You also need the latest version of Acrobat reader because we actually found a way to stream video straight into the book. Very cool but you need the latest version of Reader. It's free here

Anyway. Thanks in advance to everyone who buys the book. I will be expanding and improving it as we go along also. Since it is digital if you buy it you will be entitled to download each new incarnation of The Secret In The Dirt as it expands at no additional cost.

You can buy The Secret In The Dirt for 20 bucks through PayPal by clicking here:

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The download is through just like the Threadnotes was dones. I think that you will be pleased with what I have put together.

If you have high speed the download only takes about 10 seconds. I configured it to download very quick. There's nothing like instant gratification is there?

For those out there with their own websites very soon I will also be creating an affiliate program so that you can promote The Secret In The Dirt from your own site and earn a commission.

Thanks to all,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Moe's Grip Works

Weather is aweful so we are inside. I've been filming some snippits for the e-book. Some people have been asking about the mechanics of Moe's grip and how it works. So here you go. With Moe everything works through the left thumb. Right palm powers through the left thumb while the right middle two fingers are pulling back on the shaft. The blade stays square while the hands fight one another. Enjoy.

Peter Thomson - Simply, One of The Greatest Ever

“A Light Tender Sensitive Touch Is Worth a Ton Of Brawn.”

These are the words of Peter Thomson, one of my favourite golfers of all time and in my opinion one of the most under appreciated. By now you must be all getting the sense of a theme. ;)
Does that impact picture look any good?

Here are some more nuggets from Mr. Thomson.

“Anyone who can walk can play golf. It is a walking game. To be a good golfer you must be a good walker; you must condition your legs.”


“Think simply about your swing and you will have a simple, uncomplicated swing. Think simply of drawing the club back, gathering your power and then hitting the ball precisely forward towards your target.”

It is the swing born of these thoughts that won 5, THAT”S RIGHT 5 British Opens!
In The Open Championship from 1951 –1971 Thomson finished outside the top ten only three times and came second 4 times including a 2nd place finish to none other than Ben Hogan at Carnoustie in 1953.

Thomson came either 1st or 2nd in every Britsh Open held between 1952 and 1958. In fact if it were not Bobby Locke and Ben Hogan, Thomson would have won 7 British Opens in succession.

It goes without saying then that Thomson could play.

Peter Thomson played a limited number of sorties in America during his prime, but as a Senior he popped over for a full go at it in 1985. He won 9 US Senior Tour events that year. Ho Humm. 9

Yes Peter Thomson could play.

The clip below is brief, but great. Hit replay a few times.

The picture above and the quotes came from Dick Aultman and Ken Bowden’s great book The Masters Of Golf – Learning From Their Methods. It is currently available at very low prices new and used through I’ve put a link below.

For info on Peter Thomson. Check out Wikipedia :

and The World Golf Hall of Fame: