Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Moe's Grip Works

Weather is aweful so we are inside. I've been filming some snippits for the e-book. Some people have been asking about the mechanics of Moe's grip and how it works. So here you go. With Moe everything works through the left thumb. Right palm powers through the left thumb while the right middle two fingers are pulling back on the shaft. The blade stays square while the hands fight one another. Enjoy.


Downtoscratch said...

Through the thumb........... I get it now. Great video, Mike.

I must confess, when I first opened this blog page I thought you'd inserted a segment from SNL! Belushi
lives! What a different look! It's gotta be the hat........ yeah that's it, the hat.
As Seinfeld would say,...... Not that there's anything wrong with that"!

Yakuza Rich said...

Mike's rocking it old school...gotta respect the cap.

Another great one, Mike. I was watching the Golf Channel and they had the top ten ugliest (or oddest) swings and Moe was like #6. I seriously wanted to punt my TV through the window.

Jing said...

Hi Mike/Sevam1,

This is powerpig - if you still remember. Haven't been following you thread for a while and was pleasantly surprised by this bolg. Seems there is a lot of catching up to do...


blopar said...

I take it that in Moe's left hand the grip was in his palm as opposed to under the heel pad as Hogan showed in Five Lessons. But those huge grips that the Natural Golf company puts on its clubs is bogus. I think Natural Golf may have ruined a lot of people promoting something Moe never did. I wonder if one could swing more like Moe with the grip under the left palm pad and a regular size grip. Seems like it would permit a little more clubhead speed.

SEVAM1 said...

Moe did many things to get noticed. His stance for instance was wide, but not always the extreme you see in most videos. He made changes to support the Natural Golf thoeries of Jack Kuykendall as well. In fact when I played with him he was overlapped Vardon style. If he held it under the heel pad he would have been more like Hogan because the engine is the same. He held it high in the palm against rather thanunder the heel pad. Moe hit it plenty far when he wanted. His monotonous accuracy,however, is what pleased the crowds so that was his focus.

Profounder said...
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kidfromkanada said...

The golf pro that gave me junior lessons a long time ago, he's a story teller and real charismatic guy. He was a great junior golfer. won every thing, any way he played a round with Moe. there was one hole where Moe asked "what clubs do you use on this hole" and he tells Moe that since its a short hole he hits driver wedge and its pretty routine. So he hits his drive way out there, and its Moe's turn to hit. Moe pulls out his wedge, just gets passed the lady tee box. Moe pulls out his driver for his next shot and hits it right at the hole and its end up being 15 feet form the pin.

just goes to show that golf can be played any way a person wants

unsophisticated said...

Would you kindly discuss Moe's equipment? I thought I had read somewhere that most of his clubs were about the same length and had larger than normal grips. Is that right?

What kind of equipment (driver and irons) do you use when swinging like Moe?

Thanks in advance.

Ag said...

Thank you Mike/Sevam,

just watched utube posting talking similarity between Moe and Ben, and the left thumg squezeeee.
Rushed to try on the range, it is Fantastic!!! Make me easy to get the ball flight even with my 3/15 wood. Amazing!!