Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goofin' on Ben and Moe and Lee

I was at the lake today talking about where the weight is at various points in the swing.

Here's a link to the Youtube video

and below is some goofin' around making swings like a few of my favorite golfers Hogan and Moe and Trevino. It was freezing and I just wanted to make the best of it and have some fun.


garre said...

That was so cool, and the sound.. How the f are you doing this. I have studied all your videos on youtube and read the most on golf wrx and re-read five lessons a dussins of time and practise aLOT!
What is "the dirt" It drives me crasy. From an even colder place called Sweden.Brrr

SEVAM1 said...

The last one was the cleanest strike. The recipe for the sound... 1. Heavy Forged Club 2. Very Firm Grip Pressure 3. Feet Reinforcing the Strike With The Ground 4. Significant Clubhead Speed 5. Center Of Face Contact

All this = Different Sound

The lower the pitch the purer the shot.

Thud = Good
Click = Not So Good

DriMax said...

You swing is really good !
I am happy to see a man who have got the swing as me.I gess your right hand is active at the downswing in order to accelerate the head of the club.You play like Mike Austin and Ben Hogan.
Excuse me for my english because I am french !!!
If you understand french,my new blog may interest you ...
And of course,high pleasure in golf!

SEVAM1 said...

Like Austin and Hogan and Moe and Tevino and Snead and Demaret.

DriMax said...

Thank you for your answer Sevam1.
I am a big fan of Ben Hogan too. His swing is so perfect, so elegant !!!

jebbiejeb said...

im a golf pro from texas and currently playing the european senior tour...i liked your videos and was wondering if you teach personal lessons...i also played the canadian tour for two yrs and met the great Moe Norman...hope to hear back from you....jeb the way great golf swing..

Alan Scott said...

Moe believed his swing should balance him. He wasn't trying to force the hit. He simplely swung the handle and let the head release naturally through impact. He played into the fairway by swinging into it (out and up) instead of in and around! That is a very different approach which is not taught today.