Monday, November 10, 2008

The Best Damned Swing in the History of Golf

Who had the best swing in the history of golf?

Well if you had asked Ben Hogan he’d have looked you right square in the eye just to make absolutely sure that you were paying attention and he would have said…. Mickey Wright!!!

Who’s Mickey Wright?

Have a look!

Mickey Wright won 82 times on the LPGA Tour (second only to Kathy Witworth). She won 13 Majors! After age 34 she played, but was basically semi-retired due to problems with her feet so that is one hell of a record.

You can check out here profile at the World Golf Hall of Fame :

I’ll be talking about her more later because she wrote a great golf book and some pretty cool stuff in Sports Illustrated also.


Ethic Earnings said...

Hi Mike... Appreciated your videos on youtube... have you ever heard about another Mike... Austin ?

SEVAM1 said...

Sure have!! I will be doing a post on him soon!!!